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The good teacher of modern era has a lot of pressure and responsibilities. And only those teachers can fulfill their responsibilities who are dedicated have natural zeal, and training. In the profession of teaching, good teacher should have some good teaching qualities in order to perform his or her role well. Following are the traits of a good teacher:


Teachers are not expected to have patience with those who are not disciplined, lazy or with those who irritate other students in class room.  But teachers are professionally responsible to have  patience with those students who want to learn or those students who are sincere in their studies.


Passion is the essential element of a good teacher. If teacher is not taking interest in relevant subject, how can he expect his students to?  How students will learn those things their teacher not takes interest. Take interest and go ahead to teach it to other.

Up to date Information

A good teacher always brings new information to the classroom. Teachers must have updated information in respective field. One of the qualities of a good teacher is he not only rely of text books but always use other sources to inform he students about new development.

Command over Subject

If you don't know about something how can some one teach it. Command over subject is necessary every good teacher.  Command over subject will prove effective tool.

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Situational Analysis

A best teacher always makes adjustment with circumstance. He or she does not stick to a specific syllabus and curriculum.

Positive Attitude

Another quality of a good teacher is that he or she must have positive attitude about him or herself and the role to be played .With this attitude she or he can cover a lot of obstacles.

Strong Control over Classroom

A brilliant teacher has strong control over the class. How large a class may be, a best teacher can easily control over the class through the application of classroom management techniques.

A Professional Reader

A good teacher always studies new materials relating to the profession of teaching. That reading enhances the role of teacher in his or her professional role.

Good Evaluator

Education without evaluation is nothing. Therefore a good teacher evaluation process should be effective in order to promote, repeat and place the students in various learning stages.

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Qualities of a Good Teacher In The Sandbox Experiment, Peter Sacks says [I]t really didnt seem to matter what I knew about my field when it came to teaching (Sacks 311). I disagree with him. I believe that knowledge, among many other things, is essential to being a good teacher. A good teacher is someone who is always willing to learn something new and expand their knowledge to help their students achieve success.

For example, I had a teacher once who, after a few years of teaching high school, went back to school to earn her doctorate degree. She wanted to go back to school so that her students could benefit more from having her as a teacher. A good teacher encourages the students to take risks and always has a positive attitude. Good teachers understand that errors will be made but they try many different methods of teaching that encourage students and create in them a sense of accomplishment.

Good teachers believe in students and set high standards to bring out the best in them. They do not give students the answers, but teach students the techniques needed to find the answer themselves. Along with encouraging risk taking and acceptance of errors, another essential trait of a good teacher is simply being there. Good teachers spend time with students after class to further help them, listen to them, and answer their questions.

A good teacher should be able to sit patiently with a frustrated student and explain how to come up with the solution to a difficult math problem or how to go about completing an assignment. In tenth grade, whenever I had a writing assignment due, my teacher was always willing to answer any questions I had about the assignment and she made sure that I was on the right track with my paper. It is not enough, however, for a teacher to be there if they do not have any respect for their students. A good teacher will never humiliate a student in front of his or her peers but rather they will confront the student privately.

They never make meaningless threats or try to intimidate their students. Good teachers do not hold grudges and they are always fair and objective. They are honest with their students and are proud to teach and help their students build their self-esteem. Excellent teachers also possess a deep knowledge of the subject they teach and are able to manipulate and make simpler the teaching material because they are a master of it. These teachers should have a passion for the subject and they should be able to explain complicated and confusing information in a way that makes it understandable for the students. They should be able to work with students who do not like the subject by presenting facts and materials in ways that turns that lack of enthusiasm around.

My high school math teacher was the best at making complicated trigonometric equations seem as easy as if it were basic algebra. She broke down the equations and explained to us each step in a way that all of her students were able to understand. Good teachers need to be encouraging, they need time, they need respect, they need to be lifelong learners, and most of all they need knowledge to create a good class. Without these traits a good teacher would not exist.

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