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The central mission of California Health Sciences University College of Pharmacy is to improve the healthcare outcomes of people living in Central California by providing highly trained, collaborative and compassionate pharmacists, committed to practicing at the top of their licenses. It strives to fulfill its mission in three ways:

1)      By providing a challenging, pioneering curriculum that is supported by cutting-edge pedagogy and a culture of growth and success;

2)      By engaging in impactful community engagement – both to support regional health outcomes and to engender students’ enthusiasm for and commitment to serving the healthcare needs of the people of the Central Valley, and;

3)      By providing opportunities for students to participate in interprofessional practice, leadership and scholarly activities so that they are capable, upon graduation, to engage boldly in all their pursuits.

After four years of study at CHSU, graduates will be able to: Provide primary patient care in collaboration with other health care professionals; Improve patient care outcomes; Formulate evidence-based pharmacotherapy consultations; Manage pharmacy and other health care resources; Initiate strategies for promoting health, wellness, and disease prevention; Maintain a professional and caring pharmacist-patient relationship; and Continue to engage in self-directed learning. CHSU's doctor of pharmacy curriculum contains both didactic and experiential components. All of the didactics are provided in a team-based learning format (TBL). In TBL students work in teams and are always actively engaged in learning.

TBL emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving and team work.  The experiential curriculum provides students with increasingly complex opportunities to observe and engage in the practical application of their growing knowledge. IPPE I, occurring between the first and second year, focuses on community-based practice. IPPE II, occurring between the second and third years, focuses on practice in the hospital environment. IPPE III is a unique stepping stone that occurs during the third year which prepares students to enter their advanced practice experience with confidence and agility. The APPEs are full-time, six-week rotations including hospital pharmacy practice, community pharmacy practice, and primary care under the supervision of a physician. CHSU’s dedicated Experiential Learning team is committed to identifying and developing relationships for our students’ rotation sites.

Fostering student success is the cornerstone for CHSU’s student support services.  With a 10:1 student to faculty ratio and high touch student support services, CHSU is committed to offering programs and services designed to graduate successful pharmacists.  Starting with Student Orientation to Career Services, CHSU offers resources and support that address the changing needs of our pharmacy students.  CHSU is a new university located in the culturally diverse Central Valley region, which provides students with affordable housing, high quality of life, and plentiful job opportunities.  By achieving Candidate accreditation status with ACPE, our students have the same rights as full accreditation allowing them to take the pharmacy board exams upon graduation and providing the reassurance they need to select our new, innovative pharmacy program. For more information regarding CHSU College of Pharmacy, please visit our website at

California Health Sciences University has been recognized as a Candidate for Accreditation by WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), 985 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100, Alameda, CA 94501, 510.748.9001. This status is a preliminary affiliation with the Commission awarded for a maximum period of five years. Candidacy is an indication that the institution is progressing toward Accreditation. Candidacy is not Accreditation and does not ensure eventual Accreditation.



Welcome to California Health Sciences University (CHSU), the first university of its kind in the Central Valley. Applications for the CHSU College of Pharmacy 2018-2019 academic year are now available through PharmCAS at

Forty-eight credits of prerequisite courses are required for CHSU’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy program. Applicants with a baccalaureate degree are preferred for admission. Visit theAdmissions page for application information and requirements.

Private scholarships of up to $10,000 are available to CHSU students through the California Health Sciences University Scholarship Fund. Visit the Financial Aid page for more information.

CHSU, a privately funded university, is committed to health sciences research and improving the access and delivery of quality health care in the San Joaquin Valley. CHSU College of Pharmacy will graduate its inaugural College of Pharmacy class in May 2018.

To take your first step toward your pharmacy career, click here.



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