The Bid/Rfp Proposal Cover Letter

Solicitation (RFP) Cover Letter

Your RFP may include a cover letter preceding the SF33; however, the FAR does not mandate the inclusion of a one. If the contracting officer includes a letter, there is important information to be gleaned. Following are examples of the types of information included in an RFP cover letter issued by NASA:
  • Overviews of procuring agency and/or program
  • Description of products and services being procured
  • Acquisition structure and contract type
  • Proposal due date
  • Q&A process and deadlines
  • Electronic library access, if available
  • Source Selection Authority (SSA) and Source Evaluation Board (SEB) members
  • List of solicitation documents


Compare all cover letter information against relevant sections of the RFP. For example, if discrepancies exist, carefully consider which ones should be brought to the attention of the contracting officer.


Be sure to include cover letter requirements in your cross-reference matrix.


Read the cover letter carefully for any action items that relate to your proposal submission. For example, an RFP cover letter could provide the deadline for questions or information on how to access an online bidder's library.


Reviewing the RFP cover letter is important because it may contain requirements, that if ignored, can send your proposal straight to the reject pile.

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