Essay On My Role Model My Grandfathers Blessings

My grandparents are my agony aunts, mentors, friends, foes and guides. Their life revolves around me. Though I don’t have much time with them as they stay away from me but they take time to reach out to me in everyway possible. When I am with them they take good care of me. I do gardening with my grandma, go out shopping with her, accompany her to the temple and look out for small excuses to be with her. I play indoor games with my grandpa and he pretends to lose, just to make me happy. I am not old enough to take care of them but try to reciprocate their love and affection by doing small errands for them and giving them company. Growing up is fun with them. I have learnt so much from them: discipline, respect for elders, kindness, humility, faith in god, and above all, being a good human being.

Dev Misra,

Class VI, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad


My grandparents are school dropouts but they are very knowledgeable. They share their words of wisdom through many folk and historical stories that make me understand my duties and responsibilities. I have learnt to be optimistic and ambitious from them. I owe a lot to my grandparents. I will make them proud.  

A.Abiram Sai

Class VI, Velammal Vidyashram, Mambakkam, Chennai


My grandparents mean a lot to me. They are concerned about my health and well-being.


Class X, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Tornagallu, Bellary 


My grandparents used to tell me bed time stories and I feel comfortable to share my feelings with them. I spend time with them by accompanying them during their walks and also take care of their health. I consider them as my blessings.


Class VII, Bharathi Vidhyaa Kendra, ICSE, Avinasi Taluk, Tirupur               


Grandparents are loving, caring, selfless and patient souls. They guide us in the right path. They pass on their knowledge to us. Not to mention the tasty food that my grandma cooks. There is no joy than going to grandparents house for weekends and holidays.

Laasya Rayaprolu

 Class VI, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad


Unfortunately I did not have much memories with my grandparents as they passed away when I was very young. But I have heard a lot about them from my parents and people in my native place. I have always found my grandmother to be very beautiful and kind. When I learnt that I have been named after my grandmother, I felt very happy. I wish I had the opportunity to see them again.


Class IX, SSVM World School, Coimbatore


My grandparents are god’s gift to me. They call me everyday to check on my health and well-being. I long for the holidays as that’s when I can spend time with them. I get to chat and play with them. Their encouragement, support and love are priceless.

Swetha. A,

Class IX, The Ashok Leyland School, Hosur


Grandparents lift our spirits, when we feel low. They bring back a smile onto our face. They impart in us good values and make us a better person. Grandparents make a huge difference to one's life.

B.Shree Vaishnavi Reddy,

Class 9, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad


Grandparents love me unconditionally. They have always been guiding me through difficult and rough times.  In small gestures they teach me so many things.  I like talking to them and telling them about my day. Sometimes I like to cook with my grandmother. I read books that my grandfather suggests. Sometimes I tend to disrespect them and snap at them and But I ensure that I apologize in the end. I like taking care of my grandparents, although it’s mostly the other way round for now.

Aditi Roa,

Class VII, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad


My grandparents like to stay in our home town. They visit us two or three times every year. 

They show a lot of love and care for me.  When they come to our house, I spend my leisure time with them by listening about their experiences right from their childhood. 

Sai Sudhir S

Class VII, Gitanjali Devashray, Secunderabad


Grandparents play an important role in our life. I spend my free time with them and I reciprocate their love by loving them and helping them whenever they are in need. My duties and responsibilities towards my grandparents are to take good care of them and most importantly, keeping them happy always.

Sreehari Jeevan

Class X, Sree Sarada Vidyalaya, Kalady


My grandparents taught me to be independent and to be alert. My grandfather has done a lot of research on bees. He has told me how bees are so much like us. I enjoy listening to him. He is a science genius. My grandmother is the sweetest lady in the world. She makes tasty dishes and knows it correctly when I am hungry.Rhea Shree S,

Class 8, Nikita International School, Tirupur


My grandma cares a lot about my health. She does not have a formal education but is interested in knowing about my studies. I feel morally strong when my grandparents are around. It’s my duty to take care of them.

Tarun Kumar Panda

Class II, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh


I try my best to spend time with them by doing things that they like the most. I love to do gardening with my grandfather and cooking with my grandmother. I try to give back their love, by spending time with them, talking to them, going out for long evening walks, celebrating their birthdays and doing every little thing that is within my reach.

Atifa Fatima.

Class VIII, International School, Shaikpet, Hyderabad


Without doubt grandparents complete the term 'Home Sweet Home'. They mould one’s character. Just a word of concern, a touch of care or an affectionate smile will suffice, to make them happy



Class IX, Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Eroor, Kochi   


My grandparents are like pleasant gifts from God. I spend a lot of time with them while giving them companionship. With them around I am happier than a child stuck in the candy shop. Whenever my parents scold me, they come to my rescue. I thoroughly enjoy listening to their tales. Their affection makes me feel that I am the most important person in the world. I too like to do whatever little I can for them.

Arushi Malik

Class IV, Blulebells School International, New Delhi


My grandparents used to narrate stories to calm me when my parents were away. They used to teach many moral values, to lead my life in a right way. We used to live together in the same house, we used to spend a lot of time together by doing some useful work. They are my mentor, nurturer, best friends and guides. And they are my role models.


Class XII, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Gandhigram


Grandparents play a vital role in their grandchildren life. They take atmost care of me. They help us to see the real world through their experience. I love to spend time with my grandma. She is bold and inspiring.

Sri Girija

Class 11, Chettinad Public School, Managiri, Karaikudi


I love the time I spend with my grandfather. He has a great interest in Tamil literature and he shares the joy of reading with me. We used to do gardening together. We feed the chicks in his poultry and play chess together. We also love hanging out together. He is like a friend to me.


Class IX, SSVM School, Coimbatore.


During my leisure hours, I spend time with my grandparents. They love sharing their childhood memories with me. I also take care of them when they are unwell.M.M.Sanjit

Class X, Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer, Alangombu, Mettupalayam


I spend my time with my grandparents by looking after their needs and accompanying them at tea time. I usually chat with them to set their boredom off. Sometimes I ask them to help me finish off my homework so that they feel close to me. I tell them my long tale of how I spent the day and all other incidents that took place in school and I assure to accompany them for evening walks.

 It should be our first priority to look after our grandparents, not just because they love and care us but because it is our responsibility. We should always be the first person to fulfil their needs because we are their loveliest granddaughters and grandsons. They play various roles in our life. They are our teachers, counsellors, value-educators, lovers, well-wishers, doctors, true friends and what not? Their lives are inspiring, their experiences teach a lot beyond what we learn from school, their way of looking at the monthly expenses teach us the way to manage money.

Pavan Bevoor

Class X, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Bellary


Like our parents, our grandparents too play a vital role in moulding our character. We like to spend time with our grandparents because talking with them helps to forget our worries and tensions. We have a lot to learn from their experience which cannot be acquired from any books. They don't expect any gift. All they want from us is to spend time with them and exchange pleasantry.

Shilpa R, Harsha M

Class XI, Sobha Icon HSS, Moolamcode , Palakkad

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“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies.” ~Rudolph Giuliani

Have you ever wondered about what is the role of grandparents in the family? Did you ever try considering that the role of grandparents in the family is as important as your role? You as parents have your daily duty towards your children, but the role of grandparents is a very consistent, often unacknowledged one.

Nowadays, fewer grandparents get to be real grandparents in the real sense of the word, in the lives of their grandchildren. The reason being because of the various changes in the society like, migration of young couples to farther distance, greater disharmony between parents and grandparents, and higher divorce rates between parents and even grandparents, which are weakening the family as an institution.

Such changes have completely produced opposite results: on one hand some grandchildren are raised by their grandparents with minimal involvement of parents, and on the other hand, some grandchildren have little contact with their grandparents.

America is fast becoming a granny state, where less frail and more involved grandparents are shunning retirement homes and stepping in more to raise their grandchildren, while young adults struggle in the poor economy. They teach their grandchildren the traditional American values of hard work, honesty, and integrity. Had it not been for these grandparents, many children would have been denied a moral and healthy environment, and some would have become wards of the state!

However, some grandparents can also be an unhealthy influence, like when they interfere and meddle with parent-child relationship, which happens when instead of being grandparents; they compete with their children to be virtual parents, while some try to parent a child through proxy. They need to take care about being a part of the family, yet maintaining a respectable distance.

As per research, the grandparent-grandchild relationship can have lasting positive effects, and it’s worth putting in efforts to help your kids know your parents. Research shows that language skills develop better for preschool kids who are in the care of grandparents; though in some cases they don’t go quite far in the academic learning areas when cared for by grandparents. But at the end of the day, wouldn’t you prefer having your kids cuddled and chatted with, and let their language skills develop, rather than developing only the paper-and-pen skills that they would have to deal with for the rest of their lives?

According to research, the better the relationship is between parents and grandparents, the greater the contact and closeness between grandparent and grandchildren. However, it’s up to us parents to convey the message that the role of grandparents in the family is integral to our children’s lives. Even if you don’t have a great relationship with your parents, your kids may still get along well with them.

If there aren’t any potentially harmful situations, it’s best to be positive about your parents to your children. You should be willing to discuss things that are and aren’t working to create positive relationships, as the strength of the grandparent-grandchild relationship mainly depends upon the parents.

At times grandparents hesitate to participate in their children’s families because they are unsure about the expectations we may have about them, or the kids and others may have about them. We need to make an extra effort to invite grandparents into the family. Whether grandparents live close by or far away, they have a lot to offer us. Most of the times grandparents have resources that parents do not, and they are able to reach our children in ways we might not.

Mentioned below are some of the roles of grandparents in the family that they play in the lives of their grandchildren.

  • As an ancestor and historian

One of the important roles of grandparents in the family is that of a historian, which helps grandchildren find their identity in a larger context. They are the link to their grandchildren’s ancestors, the head of the family, and a connection to the family’s common history. Grandparents share the stories of the past, which maybe about relatives, important events, family traditions etc. as these stories are passed on.

The grandchildren gain a positive image of aging and their place within the family solidifies. Grandchildren feel now that they belong to a family unit, a sense of ‘we’ develops, and that gives them a sense of safety and security.

Grandparents, who have fought in or lived through wars or other extreme hardships, may be the real-time heroes to their grandchildren, who feel that as their grandparents have endured for many years, they would step in to help or rescue their grandchildren in a time of need. A grandparent being a hero gives the grandchildren someone to turn and look up to, and someone to inspire them.

Grandparents in the family are like cheerleaders always inspiring grandchildren, in developing their imaginations and dreams, nurturing their spirit, and encouraging their intellectual growth while giving them a sense of self-worth. They are mentors and “heroes that many children seek to pattern their lives after.”

Grandparents are especially effective as teachers because of their unconditional love, which makes the grandchildren feel safe, comfortable, and loved for who they are, now how they perform.

The actions of grandparents in the family can teach their grandchildren how they should behave in society, care for themselves, and how they should aspire to be as future parents and grandparents themselves.

The influence and role of grandparents in the family helps create a positive perception of older people in general. The relationship of grandparents with their grandchildren can also serve as a model for your grandchildren’s relationship, with their own parents and children.

The support of grandparents provides an emotional and social safety net for the entire family, making the grandchildren feel safe and secure. This role of grandparents in the family is more important nowadays with the increasing divorce rates, teenage pregnancy, parents’ career demands, and other social problems.

Grandparents in the family need to assure their children and grandchildren that they are always there if needed, and keep in close touch with them through frequent phone calls, letters or postcards, if frequent visits are not possible.

Grandparents are playmates to their grandchildren, and it’s nice for children to have fresh spectators to perform for once in a while! As they are not responsible for the day-to-day care and discipline of their grandchildren, they are able to assume the role of a secret confidant, and pal.

Grandparents offer kids a broader range of knowledge, experience and emotions than they did as parents. They provide a safe place for children to turn in times of stress when they feel they cannot approach their parents. They also occupy a special place in the family as a trusted adult, yet separate and different from the child’s parent.

As grandparents treat their grandchildren in a more relaxed and lenient manner than they ever treated their own kids, children often feel more comfortable discussing sensitive issues with grandparents than with their own parents. However, grandparents need to be careful of pitfalls such as planning activities that are against the parents’ wishes, spoiling, and partiality towards one grandchild over another. Sometimes your parents may surprise you with a hidden sense of humor or fun that seems to have been born along with your first child!

Role of grandparents in the family as a spiritual guide can help teach their grandchildren to value and achieve spiritual rewards like compassion, joy, peace, love, tolerance, reverence, faith, gentleness, and kindness.

As grandparents are not responsible for the daily well being of their grandchildren, they can focus on their moral, spiritual growth and development, by setting an example for their grandchildren to emulate.

Grandparents in the family have a great opportunity to impart their knowledge, special skills, and experience to their grandchildren as their teacher. However, if the subject matter meets with opposition from the grandchildren’s parents- as in the case of values, lifestyle, religion and tradition, grandparents need to talk it over with them, in a calm and open manner, and try to come to a compromise.

Grandparents can strengthen families in ways that parents alone sometimes cannot. They can also support lessons that the parents are teaching children.

While some grandparents in the family are full-time care providers for grandchildren, but in most families grandparents fill in the gaps. You need someone at home who can step in when the regular child-care plan breaks down, as in the case of a sick child to be left with a stranger. Most parents can only afford part-time daycare, so grandparents take the child the rest of the day till the parents comes home. They are always ready to help out in case of need.

While grandparents have lots to teach their grandchildren, they have many valuable lessons to learn about, and from them also. Grandparents can become students by joining grandparenting groups, taking classes, reading grandparenting books and magazines, besides listening to what grandchildren have to teach them.

Grandchildren can teach grandparents about keeping up with new inventions and ideas to help them grow and change, which is the key to remaining youthful and vibrant. Grandchildren also get a sense of self-worth and empowerment by teaching grandparents new things and sharing a bit of their life and culture with them.

Something that grandparents in the family should think about is to have the courage to be honest with their own children. They shouldn’t let themselves get pushed into a child-care arrangement that they don’t really want, and should clarify things as to why they are doing this. Grandparents need to sort out any kind of resentment they may have so that they don’t feel they are being taken for granted.

The role of grandparents in the family also includes having open discussions with their children. They can do this by sharing a meal or a cup of coffee with them, to share anything about their grandchildren that may need attention. Discuss their progress, fill each other in on what’s going on, plan activities, and come up with new ideas together. Instead of letting the days drift by, plan one activity for each day so that the days are not monotonous.

Grandchildren bring energy, love, optimism, laughter, youthfulness, and purpose to the lives of grandparents in the family. Similarly, the role of grandparents in the family is also to provide knowledge, maturity, stability, and unconditional love to the lives of their grandchildren.

Take some time way and think about your grandparents, which of these roles did they fulfill in your family? Were your experiences with your grandparents positive or negative? What role of grandparents in the family did your grandparents play for you?

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