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On her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank’s parents give her a diary. She’s excited because she wants someone—or something—in which to confide all of her secret thoughts. Even though she has a rich social life, she feels misunderstood by everyone she knows. Anne starts writing about daily events, her thoughts, school grades, boys, all that.

But, within a month, her entire life changes.

As Jews in German-occupied Holland, the Frank family fears for their lives. When Anne’s sister, Margot, is called to appear before the authorities—which would almost surely mean she was being sent to a concentration camp—Anne and her family go into hiding. They move into a little section of Anne's father's office building that is walled off and hidden behind a swinging bookcase. The little diagram of the office building and "Secret Annex" in the Thursday, July 9, 1942 entry gives us the layout.

For two years, the Frank family lives in this Secret Annex. Mr. and Mrs. van Daan and their son Peter (who is a few years older than Anne) are also in hiding with the Franks. Later, Mr. Dussel (an elderly dentist) moves in, and Anne has to share her bedroom with him. Anne’s adolescence is spent hidden from the outside world. She’s cooped up in tiny rooms, tiptoeing around during the day and becoming shell-shocked from the sounds of bombs and gunfire at night.

Luckily, the Franks have tons of reading material and a radio. Anne grows in her knowledge of politics and literature, and she puts tons of energy into studying and writing. At the same time, she grows further and further away from the other members of the Annex.

We see a real change in Anne when she begins hanging out in the attic with Peter van Daan. Around this time she starts having dreams about a boy she was in love with, another Peter: Peter Schiff. She sometimes even gets the two Peters confused in her head.

She comes to see Peter (of the Annex) as much more than she first thought. She finds him sensitive and caring, and they talk about everything, including sex. Eventually their relationship changes. Anne and Peter’s passion turns into a friendship and a source of comfort for them both.

Another big change for Anne happens when the war seems to be ending. She hears that personal accounts such as her diary will be in demand after the war ends. We see a return to her earlier optimism as she begins editing her diary with vigor and excitement.

Unfortunately, this does not last. Even as Anne becomes more and more sensitive to the suffering going on in the world, her own suffering becomes unbearable. She feels completely alone. She thinks everyone hates her. She feels constantly criticized. And there is no escape. At one point, she thinks it might have been better if she and her family had all died instead of hiding in the Annex. As Anne becomes harder on those around her, she also becomes harder on herself, berating herself for being mean to the other members of the Annex.

There her diary ends. Two short months after Anne’s fifteenth birthday, and two days after he last diary entry, the Secret Annex is raided. We don’t know Anne’s thoughts or feelings at that point or any time after, but we know things got worse.

As you probably already know, Anne and the other members of the Annex were sent to various concentration camps. Anne's father, Otto Frank, was the sole survivor.

The Diary of Anne Frank is about a girl that kept a diary

while hiding from Nazi’s in Amsterdam for two years. The

diary ends when the Nazi’s found her and her family. Her

whole family was killed in exception for her father. She

was given the journal on her thirteenth birthday. She

simply summarized her life for two years in this phenomenal

journal. This journal was found after she was killed. The

book was published in 1947. Twenty-five million copies were

sold and it was written in fifty-four languages. Basically

there have been a lot of reviews on this literary work.

Many people have had a great deal of criticism over the

Diary of Anne Frank. From great authors to simple students,

all have had their own perspective and view on this

everlasting and most memorable book. This truly shows how

the Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most widely read books

in the world.

Anne Frank’s diary was probably the first work that

people actually got too see what the Holocaust was all

about. Certainly it must be the best book for the subject.

The diary brings together her childhood and then only known

surviving footage of Anne Frank. This is a great way to

describe a portrait of Anne’s life, character flaws, and

everything else. In order to enjoy this piece of literary

work, you must first learn the importance on Jewish culture.

This work is like no other of any Holocaust books. This is

actually a way to experience the painful experience the

Jewish people had to endure during this awful and evil

period of time. This story takes us into the eyes of Anne

Frank. The Holocaust in literally brought to life. This

literary work truly shows how Anne Frank was a martyr of

racism and an insightful chronicler of her time period and

place. The work also shows the typical adolescence of Anne

Frank and her constant arguments with her mother in

particular. It also deals with the day to day hiding she

and her family went through. The only problem with the book

is that the fact that Anne Frank rewrote her diary about two

months before she was captured because she wanted her

journal to be published after the war and she wanted to

peruse a career in journalism. Therefore it is hard to tell

what existed in her original copy and how much did she add

afterwards. This tells us that we will never know how much

knowledge Anne Frank possessed. It is not the information

that should be questioned, but the chronology. Anne Frank’s

diary is an invaluable historical account. The book shows

no detail on what was re-written, maybe because the

information is not available. The answer to the question of

whether or not Anne Franks Diary is a reasonable assessment

is no because certain excerpts were taken beforehand.Review

By Carrie Gorringe,Review. She meant to say that the Diary

of Anne Frank was a good way to experience the Holocaust but

at the same time there is a lot of missing information. She

is trying to say that there must be critical facts that are

not shown in the book due to that fact that it was rewritten

shortly before her death and the fact that it was translated

into different languages. She reviews it as a great source

of actually living the Holocaust through the eyes of Anne

Frank but also to be in tuned that perhaps a lot of

information is simply just not there. This critic tried to

say that without the missing evidence, there is a lot of

knowledge we are missing. She explains how without this

knowledge one cannot truly see everything the young girl,

Anne Frank, saw throughout this dreadful time of the

Holocaust. The reviewer tells us that there are too many

missing links which the editors of the diary are maybe

trying to hide or maybe everything just simply never found.

The saddest part in the Diary of Anne Frank is the

part where the book talks about how Anne Frank talked to her

friend Hanneli Goslar across a barb-wired barrier at the

Bergen Belsen concentration camp shortly before her death.

This book achieves much of it’s greatness through the

specific details it brings out. In my opinion she re-wrote

her diary with posterity in her mind. The literary work

follows with the family’s destruction. The diary is seen as

dreadful. The work’s most forceful source was the testament

of the power of understandment.-Stephen Holden, review.

This critic was trying to give a lot of recognition to this

piece of work. He tries to talk about the saddest points in

the book in order to show how great he thinks the diary is.

He tries to talk about Anne Frank’s family more than Anne

herself to create a sense of diversity in the diary. He

tries to exaggerate the sad moments in Anne Frank’s life and

her family in order to make his point across on how horrible

the Holocaust era really was.

This literary work, The Diary of Anne Frank, was

criticized worldwide by many different individuals. One

would expect this book to be widely criticized for the fact

that it dealt with the most gruesome and horrible era in the

history of the world, the Holocaust, and for the fact that

it helps us journey through this painful experience through

the eyes of a young adolescent Jewish girl. Many love this

book for it’s great purpose, but at the same time feel that

not all of it is told. For whatever reason they may think,

they feel that a lot of the diary was forgotten and will

probably ever be told. Perhaps these missing links will

never be distributed for the simple fact that maybe the

facts were in the original copy of the diary and not the

rewritten version that Anne Frank created very shortly

before her death. Also, her father was the one that found

her diary. Many believe that he might have edited the diary

too. Many believe that because of the rewritten version,

the missing pieces of the diary are relevant and crucial

which we will probably never get to encounter.

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