Harvard Graduate Admissions Essay For Counseling

“While looking to help our son, Alex, prepare for key college interviews spanning a list of Ivy League universities, we were very fortunate to find Bev Taylor’s website via the internet. Upon reviewing Bev’s site and speaking with her by phone, it was apparent she possessed a wealth of college admissions consulting experience. That would be very beneficial. We were not disappointed in the least with what she provided. Quite the opposite. We view the fee paid to Bev for her services to be an amazing investment that assisted Alex *tremendously* as he headed to interviews with Harvard, Yale, Brown, Duke, University of PA, Georgetown, and Princeton. Amazingly, Bev was able to instruct Alex on specifically what to say and not say during these meetings, what to ask and not ask. Yet she still coached him to be himself throughout the process. She also conducted model interviews that enabled Alex to practice ‘thinking on his feet’ while recognizing the specific audience he would be interacting with. I don’t think we can say enough great things about Bev and the tremendous, personalized assistance she provided to our son. Not to mention…she conducted her meetings with him via Skype with little to no prior notice! In sum, Bev’s expertise coupled with her interest in personalizing her college admissions consulting sessions, make her a tremendous asset to any up-and-coming college applicant. We recommend the private college counseling services of Ivy Coach very highly!” ~ Eileen and Morgan Bramlet

Graduate Essay Guidance:

No matter what, every graduate school — from the hardest of the sciences to the most creative of the arts — values good writing, compelling ideas, and a clear sense of self in its applicants.

We guide students through the writing process and offer candid feedback to make writing concise, fresh, and unique. We also provide motivation and set deadlines to combat writer’s block, which so often undermines students’ applications. While the average writing tutor will cross out a few words and make vague suggestions, we will take you into the heart of the writing process and help you come up with an exceptional final draft. Because we are accustomed to working with students over the phone/via Skype and reviewing drafts by email, we can work with students from anywhere, at any time.

Graduate School Essay Program Includes:

  • Introductory Call and Review
  • 5 Hours of Consultation
    Time includes any combination of detailed written responses (via “track changes” and inserted comments) to phone/video chat time to discuss ideas and read through drafts
  • Email Synopsis of Phone/Skype Consultations
    Outlines and guides students on draft revisions

This program must be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

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